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Lviv lawmakers: Major Sadovy and cabinet must stop games around garbage in Lviv
Garbage in Lviv. Photo: UNIAN
Garbage in Lviv. Photo: UNIAN

With heaps of uncollected garbage growing in the city, Lviv lawmakers accused both Mayor Sadovy and the cabinet for passing the buck to each other, Svoboda lawmaker Markian Lopachak said May 18, addressing the city council session.

Instead of finding alternative garbage dump sites in Lviv oblast, speeding up the construction of garbage recycling plants, Mayor Sadovy engaged in political games with the cabinet, the lawmaker said.

Sadovy is the leader of the Samopomich party whose faction in the Rada is lashing out at the ruling coalition, accusing its members of corruption.

The cabinet’s negative reaction to the garbage conflict is viewed by experts as a retribution for Sadovy’s party uncompromising position in Rada.

Meanwhile, Lviv residents have to suffer from such games and a dense stench from the rotting garbage and a threat of infections and diseases, the lawmaker said. 

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