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NABU and PGO engage in turf battles – lawmaker

The attempts of politicians to cut the power of NABU, as manifested by the odious bill 6220, clearly shows that there is rivalry between NABU and Prosecutor General’s Office, Rada lawmaker Ihor Huz said, speaking on ZIK TV May 16.

 “Bill No.6220 will give more powers to PGO over NABU. The bill, however, won’t be necessary if PGO does not trespass onto NABU territory,” he said.

 “Another bill on giving NABU the power to eavesdrop is still on hold in the Rada. Meanwhile, to tap the phones of suspects NABU has to get clearance from PGO.  Given the present turf battle between NABU and PGO, no coordinated cooperation between the agencies is likely,” the lawmaker said. 

‘The president, regrettably, is not interested in strictly following the delineated rules by these two agencies,Ihor Huz said.

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