Saturday, 13 May, 2017, 8:14 Politics
Piontkovski: when Putin will withdraw troops from Ukraine

Vladimir Putin will never issue an order to pull out troops from Ukraine and give control of the border to Kyiv. But the West can speed up this process, said Russian political expert and journalist Andrej Piontkovski in an interview to Obozrevatel (Observer) May 12.

New French President Emmanuel Macron jointly with Angela Merkel and Donald Trump may impose tough sanctions on Moscow and publicize Putin’s and his buddies’ mind-blowing bank accounts. This will make the Kremlin think about the troops’ pullout.

Putin will not personally order the troops out of Ukraine. This may happen only as a result of a coup when Russia’s mighty will be better off without Putin. Such feelings are growing amidst Putin’s entourage, Andrej Piontkovski said.

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