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Police involved in beating Donbas veterans jointly with hired goons in Dnipro
Photo Diveev Sergey / UNIAN
Photo Diveev Sergey / UNIAN

In his comments to The Apostrof, Donbas war veteran Edmond Saakyan, an eye-witness of the fight between the veterans and hired goons in Dnipro on May 9, says the police joined the fight on the side of the goons.

The bloody fight started when war veteran Oleh Chystopoltsev tried to stop a pro-Russian demonstrator from wearing a party symbol of the Opposition Block. At this moment, the goons and the police started the beating.

Invalid veteran Denis Bushtruk was beaten up badly. His medals were torn off. He was thrown on the ground and one policeman jumped on his chest.

Later, the police demanded that the veteran sign the document stating he had attacked the police, the eye-witness said.

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