Friday, 28 April, 2017, 8:57 Politics
Baramidze: Ukraine can join NATO without Crimea

Contrary to Russia’s expectations, Ukraine and Georgia can join NATO without the occupied territories, Georgia’s ex-European integration minister Georgi Baramidze said Apr. 28, Georgia Online reports.

The Kremlin is using Crimea and Southern Ossetia to make it impossible for Ukraine and Georgia to join the alliance. However, such integration is the only feasible way to free the occupied territories, he said.

 “By joining NATO, Georgia will not import their problems in the alliance. Accepting Georgia, NATO won’t find itself in the conflict with Russia,” Baramidze stressed.

 “Russia is blackmailing Georgia, saying if we change our minds about joining NATO and join Russia, Moscow will reinstate the occupied territories,” the Georgian ex-minister said.

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