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SBU searching Kyiv council head’s office

The Security Service of Ukraine is conducting a search of the office of Hanna Starykova, the head of the Kyiv oblast council, Ukrayinska Pravda reports, citing a source ion the administration.

 “Starykova locked up in her office. About 15 Batkivshchyna lawmakers, in which Starykova is a member, are trying to penetrate her office. But they are barred by SBU agents,” the source said. 

Kyiv council head of procedures Roman Tytykalo attributed the search to a bribe-taker exposed by the SBU.

Maksym Zpaskin, the suspect, apparently demanded a bribe for a permit to use land reserves, Tytykalo explained.

When the agents broke the door to her office and searched Starykova, she became sick and an ambulance was called in, Tytykalo informed.

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