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Avakov shaping up power agencies. He needs loyal sidekicks – Donbas volunteer

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov may use ex-riot police accused of shooting Maidan protesters in 2014 to quash public actions in the future. The dirtier their service record is the better as it will be easier to keep them on the hook, Donbas volunteer Roman Donik said Apr. 21, Gordon reports.

 “I believe all police officers who started their service before 2014 must be dismissed. I have many acquaintances among the police and they are all corrupt.

Conditions were deliberately created to make it impossible for the police to live on their salaries. An honest police officer could not survive.

Avakov is forming his power system and needs loyal officers. It is not known against whom Avakov will use them.

Avakov is not a law-enforcer. He is a businessman, the same tycoon against whom we allegedly fight. His power system is based on former riot police and Yanukovych-era officers,” the volunteer said. 

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