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SBU foils major provocation in Odesa
Foto: Security Service of Ukraine
Foto: Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service disrupted plans to stage a paid protest of the “oppressed Bulgarian minority” residing in the south of Ukraine, SBU reports Apr. 19.

The fake protest was bankrolled by Russia, SBU said.

The organizers were the same people who provoked mass anti-Ukrainian demonstrations in the Lviv oblast by representatives of the Polish minority protesting oppression by Ukraine nationalists.

In line with the Odesa scenario, the protesters were to march to the Bulgarian consulate. On the way, they were to be attacked by goons posing as Ukrainian nationalists.

SBU captured numerous evidence the protest was schemed in Russia.

The agents found a car with slogans both pro-Bulgarian and anti-Bulgarian. SBU also has the intercepts of communications between the organizers.

There were no ethnic Bulgarians among the ‘protesters’ SBU detained.


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