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US president laying mine under Russia’s system – Lilya Shevtsova

Trump, probably unintentionally, has driven Russia into a corner, but this does not change the result. The new US president is actually laying a mine under the Russian system, something Moscow has never expected, a Russian political expert and Chatham House researcher Lilya Shevtsova writes in Facebook Apr. 18.

“First, Trump destroyed Russia’s monopoly on being a loose cannon. He blatantly stole Russia’s ace trump in foreign policy. Now Putin has to watch Trump’s steps carefully.

Second, by striking with the tomahawks and dropping a 10-ton bomb on Afghanistan, Trump asserted his right not only to use force to resolve global problems but his preparedness to intervene.

What does it mean? Yesterday he decided to bomb Syria and Afghanistan. Today he threatens to hit North Korea. And tomorrow he may want to put order in Donbas. Donald Trump has really become a loose cannon.

Meanwhile, many, especially in Moscow, hoped Trump will isolate America and free the world scene from a much-despised hegemon. 

By contrast, Trump made short work of the plan to save Assads, declared support for NATO and revitalized friendship with China, flouting the friendly hand the Kremlyn offered him.

The Kremlin is well aware that it can rub America the wrong way or pinch its tail. But it will not dare to confront the United States.

Definitely, Putin can no longer let himself pinch America, like in the glorious Obama time – this unpredictable Trump can kick back!” Shevtsova writes. 

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