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General amnesty for Donbas militants impossible – Yury Lutsenko

The general amnesty for Donbas militants is out of the question. It can be granted only on an individual basis, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko said, speaking to Bild Apr. 2, Interfaxc-Ukrayina reports.

Lutsenko was commenting on Art. 5 of the Minsk agreements which provides for the adoption of the law banning persecution and punishment for Donbas militants.

 “Amnesty can be granted in cases subject to amnesty. Under the Ukrainian law, murder, torture, rape, heavy physical injuries and kidnapping are not subject to amnesty,” Lutsenko said. 

 “Every application for an amnesty is to be checked by law enforcement. If a court finds that an applicant has not committed any of the above listed crimes, a court may pardon such an applicant,” he said.

Commenting on the demand of Germany and France to grant a general amnesty to all militants, Lutsenko said, “If the 10,000 armed Russian regulars withdraw to Russia and leave us in peace, we will get down to deal with the 40,000 separatists left,” he said.

The majority will be amnestied, but those who killed, tortured and fanned the conflict will certainly not, Lutsenko stressed. 
“We have evidence that the rebels scalped prisoners, cut off their arms and feet and buried alive. Do you really believe that such persons can be granted an amnesty?” Lutsenko said. 

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