Monday, 3 April, 2017, 12:54 Politics
Desperate Lviv residents dump garbage in streets

At 22.00 Apr. 2, residents piled a heap of garbage in a street in downtown Lviv in protest against the failure of city authorities to deal with the evacuation of waste in which Lviv is submerged, city counsellor Ihor Zenkevych writes in Facebook Apr. 3.

Lviv Mayor Andry Sadovy complained in a recent televised address the cabinet, via its oblast governor, is blackmailing him for Samopomich Rada faction he leads of opposing the majority coalition.

Sadovy accused the government of refusing to allocate a site for the city garbage waste.

The cabinet, on the other hand, blamed Sadovy for neglecting the problem of garbage collection for years.

Some experts assess the garbage crunch as political pressure on Sadovy, s stressing ordinary Lviv residents have to suffer. 

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