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Lawmaker comments on NACB search in Central bank March 29

Lawmaker Ihor Lutsenko accused the Central bank of unlawfully revoking the licenses of a number of banks, something that incurred billions in damage. There are 13-14 court rulings protesting the revocation of licenses, he told ZIK March 29.

Another reason why the National Anti-Corruption Bureau has searched the offices of the Central bank is the relations among businessman Borys Kaufman and Pres Poroshenko, he said. 

“There are recordings of telephone conversations of Kateryna Rozhkova who heads the bank’s monitoring department in which she is talking about how to help Kaufman’s businesses.

Rozhkova and Central bank Governor Valeria Hontareva cooperated closely with Kaufman before they moved to the Cantral bank, Lutsenko says. 

 “I have seen on many occasions how Hontareva and Rozhkova visited the president’s office. Such frequent visits do not tally with the alleged Central bank’s independence,” he said.

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