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Andres Aslund: “If you want true reforms, sack all prosecutors, judges and tax officials”
Anders Aslund
Anders Aslund

Renowned Swedish economist and founder of the Kyiv School of Economics Anders Aslund came to Kyiv to present his book “Ukraine: what went amiss and how to correct it,” Poleinform reports March 24.

Ukraine’s economy main problem is that the old Soviet system has not been dismantled. Kravchuk and Kuchma just added to it oligarchs and carried out partial privatization, Aslund said.

More reforms have taken place in Ukraine over the past year than in the entire period since independence in 1991.

A team of young and efficient players have come to power. They started to implement the reform.

 “There are 19,000 prosecutors and 10,000 judges in Ukraine, practically all of them corrupt. Just throw them away! There is no sense in lustrating 10 or 20% of them. East Germany, Estonia and Latvia did this!

They sacked all prosecutors and judges, recruiting the outsiders of the corrupt system.

This is where the weakest link of the Ukrainian reforms is.

The number of personnel in Ukraine’s Central bank is 11,000. It is merely 400 in Sweden.

Radical reforms come into effect only 2 years after they had been implemented.

Two years of radical reforming in Poland by Balcerowicz were enough to keep economic growth for the next 25 years.

Estonians dismissed all Soviet officials, and the level of corruption now is smaller than in most EU countries, Andres Aslund said.

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