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Lviv mayor fears dismissal by cabinet

Speaking to DT.UA March 18, Lviv Mayor Andry Sadovy said he was framed up by the prosecution acting on orders from Kyiv.

Sadovy found himself in a high-profile conflict about the evacuation of garbage from Lviv which is sinking in heaps of waste on its streets.

Earlier, Sadovy accused  Lviv oblast Governor Syniutka of deliberately failing to provide a waste disposal site outside Lviv instead of the old one closed by prosecutors.

When Lviv mayor tried to evacuate the garbage to sites as far as Donetsk and Kherson oblast, the local authorities found themselves under pressure from Kyiv to ban the garbage trucks from Lviv to unload, Sadovy complained. 

The government, meanwhile, has accused the mayor of negligence having ignored the garbage disposal problem for years and not having a recycling plant built in Lviv.

Another aspect of the present stand-off is that Sadovy heads the Samopomich faction in Verkhovna Rada which takes a strong anti-Poroshenko stand in the legislature.

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