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Axe may fall on Lviv Mayor Andry Sadovy – Lutsenko

The Prosecutor General, Yuryt Lutsenko, accused Lviv Mayor Andry Sadovy, of negligence in running a city garbage dump when a slide killed 3 workers last year.

The accusations, if proved, may lead to the mayor’s dismissal and criminal liability, Lutsenko said, speaking in the Hard Talk on ZIK TV March 13.

Test completed 2 weeks ago by police experts in Kharkiv indicate there was no arson at the dump ‘set by competing political parties’ as Sadovy claimed. “It was self-combustion due to the failure to keep up technological standards,” Lutsenko said.

When asked by the program anchor whether there is a political edge to the case, as Sadovy claims, Lutsenko answered, “Garbage becomes a problem regardless of whether the mayor is in opposition or coalition. Garbage has to be utilized. For years, Mayor Sadovy has neglected this problem”.

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