News » Economy 5 March, 2017, 16:03
Seizures of Ukrainian companies in Donbas by militants to cause social problems – expert

There are a number of Ukrainian companies still operating in the rebel-held territories and paying their taxes in Ukraine. Pro-Russian militants have declared they will nationalize these companies, renowned journalist Yury Butusov says in Facebook March 5.

However, experts warn that the companies, most of them private, won’t be able to stay in business if their ties with Ukraine are ruptured.

The stoppages will lead to a new flare-up in the military confrontation which Russia will use to cover up its social problems.

 “There won’t be a big war or invasion – the enemy is not prepared to take such risks and Putin’s capacity for a greater war is limited. But such splashes of the open war like the one that had happened in Avdiivka are likely,” Butusov writes.

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