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Cabinet approves list of goods allowed for trade with occupied part of Donbas

At its session today, the Ukrainian cabinet approved the list of goods allowed to be exported and imported from the occupied part of Donbas, Ukrayinska Pravda reports March 1.

Ukrainian traders will be allowed to sell only food and pharmaceuticals within the framework of humanitarian assistance programs. They will be allowed to buy the inputs for Ukraine’s steel, ore/coal-enrichment and power engineering.

According to Premier Grojsman, the government will set up checkpoints to monitor the movement of goods across the touchline operated by SBU, state fiscal service and volunteers.

The volunteers, present serving and former  Donbas battalions, started the blockade of trade in late January, protesting against the massive contraband that, they claimed, was covered up by the government and President Poroshenko. The blockade led to some attempts by the government to lift it, first, with the help of the police and then masked goons.

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