News » Politics 23 February, 2017, 9:12
Russia moves special forces to Donbas – Dmytro Tymchuk

The Russian command has deployed several detachments of special forces (20-25 servicemen each) consisting of sabotage/penetration groups (5-6 each) in the areas of Donbas ranging from Starohnativka to Dokuchejevsk, near Telmanove and Nevelske, Dmytro Tymchuk, a Rada lawmaker and head of Information Resistance NGO, writes in Facebook Feb. 23.

“The Russians are well-equipped, disciplined, move in secrecy,” Tymchuk writes.

They will obviously be tasked to stage high-profile subversive acts against the Ukrainian army.

 Their targets may include command points, ammunition and fuel depots, base camps, weapons depots and high-level officers, Dmytro Tymchuk assumes.

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