News » Politics 19 February, 2017, 17:12
Semenchenko threatens to block Ukraine-Russia trade by rail

Asked about the likely blockade by volunteers of roads, Rada lawmaker and former volunteer battalion commander Semen Semenchenko said, “We are planning to extend the blockade of railways from Russia. On the roads, the blockade will be more difficult as more volunteers are needed,” Interfax-Ukrayina reports Feb. 19.

The volunteers, former and present army servicemen, are blocking all but one railway leading to the rebel-held territories.

The volunteers have stopped 16,000 rail cars from crossing the touchline in a bid to stop the contraband trade with the separatists and force them to exchange Ukrainian POWs.

At present, 100 volunteers are involved in the blockade, Semenchenko said.

The volunteers accuse the government and president of covering up for the contraband trade.

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