Friday, 17 February, 2017, 19:41 Politics
Contraband blockade activists prepared to stand ground despite police pressure

Volunteers [former and present army servicemen] will stand firm to support their blockade of roads and railways leading to the separatist-held territories, even if there is a military confrontation with the government, they say Feb. 17.

The police tried to disperse the volunteers [many of whom have arms] but local activists came to their help on Feb. 17. 

The volunteers cited Pres Poroshenko’s decree of 2015 announcing the trade blockade of rebel-held territories in Donbas. “Has the president forget about his decree,” the volunteers asked.

“When the armed police came, we put up information about it on the web. Local activists and some military rushed for help to prevent police action,” a volunteer named Marko said. 

 “When finally some journalists came to us the police realized their plan failed,” he added.

Volunteers accuse the government and president of covering up for illegal contraband to Donbas.

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