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Ukraine threatens to use tit-for-tat sanctions if Russia spurns WTO rules
Photo: tsn.ua
Photo: tsn.ua

Russia’s ban on the transit of Ukrainian goods via its territory has led to the almost complete loss of Ukraine’s markets in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Deputy Minister for Economic Development Natalya Mykolska said, speaking on Hromadske Feb. 13,

 “96.6% of Ukrainian goods to Kazakhstan, with 82.8% to Uzbekistan, are delivered via Russia,” the official said.

Given the Russian transit ban, Ukraine complained to the WTO.

 “We can say with the high degree of certainty that Russia will flout WTO’s ruling favoring Ukraine to cancel the ban. In this case, Ukraine will be forced to revoke its concessions to Russia. For instance, Ukraine may impose additional taxes on Russian goods and impose quotas,” the deputy minister said.

Ukraine tried to talk Russia out of its ban at the state of consultations, but failed, the official confirmed.

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