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Minsk agreements helped Ukraine buy time – expert

The positive of the Minsk agreements in 2014-15 was that they helped Ukraine to lower the intensity of war in Donbas and reduce the number of casualties among the military and civilians, political expert Valentyn Hladkyh said, speaking on ZIK TV Feb. 13.

“The Minsk agreements bought us time. The question here is that whether we used the time for our own benefit. I think, we haven’t used the time in full. On the other hand, to say that nothing has been done is a mistake. Ukraine reached a lot of headway in the military sector,” the expert said. 

The main problem of the Minsk agreements is that some of its terms were not clarified enough. It was not clear from the start as to how to implement the terms, he said.

“Fears of multiple interpretations of the agreements have come true. Internationally, there is a lot of debate on the order in which the terms are to be implemented,” Valentyn Hladkyh said.

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