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Russian plane with Red Army singers downed by bomb, independent expert

That the Russian TU-154 plane with 92 passengers on board crashed due to a bomb explosion on board is claimed by independent expert Yuri Antipov, reports Feb. 5.

The plane’s fragments indicate very high pressure in the cargo hull that tore up the plane’s body, the expert says.

Body fragments of the cargo section are burnt from within. It was caused by extremely high temperature due to an explosion,   Antipov continues.

Another proof of the bomb scenario is that the plane’s fragments were dispersed over a large area, the expert says.

The ill-fated TU-154 disappeared from the radar soon after take-off in Sochi in late December. The passengers were mainly the singers of the Red Army choir going to Syria to perform in front of the Russian troops in New Year celebrations.

Moreover,the Russian expert says,  a web-camera in Adler, a city near Sochi, registered a flash in the night sky off the coast of Sochi. If the flash was related to the accident, it may indicate an explosion on board the plane.

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