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Kasyanov: Trump may become Putin’s tougher enemy than Obama

“Before his appointment as new state secretary Tillerson told senators that Obama’s reaction to Crimea’s grab by Putin was very weak. During the phone talk of Trump with Putin the lifting of sanctions was not raised. Therefore, the Russian lawmakers who toasted Trump’s election with sweet champaign will now have to drink bitter-tasting vodka,” Russia’s prominent opposition politician Mikhail Kasyanov said, speaking on Ekho Moskvy radio.

 “Yesterday in the UN Security Council, new US representative Hailey said America wanted a rapprochement with Russia but a horrendous situation in Eastern Ukraine demanded the condemnation of Moscow. The crisis in the US-Russia relations will continue until Moscow starts to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Kasyanov said. 

 “The US won’t lift the sanctions for Crimea’s grab until Russia relinquishes control over the peninsula,” Hailey said.

 “As I did before, I think in spring Trump may become a tougher enemy for Putin than Obama,” Kasyanov said.

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