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Eleven Ukraine oblasts send humanitarian aid to Avdiivka

The recent shelling of Avdiivka by the Russian/separatist troops destroyed 28 residential houses, minister for regional development and head of the ad hoc committee to aid Avdiivka Hennady Zubko said, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Feb. 3.

Eleven oblasts of Ukraine have already sent construction materials to help repair the damaged buildings, he said.

 “Rescue teams are working to restore supplies of electricity and heat to Avdiivka. The temperatures in some houses have increased to 12-15 degrees, and the heat-supply system was saved from freezing.

Water is supplied twice a day, the official said.

The separatists launched their offensive on Jan. 29, shelling the city with Grad missiles and large caliber artillery.

The Ukrainian authorities declared a state of emergency in Avdiivka and evacuated children and adults who volunteered.

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