News » Politics 1 February, 2017, 21:16
Putin resettles Russians to Crimea preparing for legitimate referendum

Hundreds of thousands of Russians are resettled by the authorities to Crimea in preparation for the referendum on the peninsula future that will happen sooner or later, a Rada lawmaker Dmytro Bilotserkovets said, speaking on ZIK TV Feb. 1.

Most of new settlers come from Russia and Donbas. While the population of Sevastopol was 360,000 before 2014, it not stands at almost 600,000.

Realizing that, sooner or later, there will be a legitimate referendum in Crimea, Putin wants to ensure a pro-Russian vote by resettling the Russians.

The positive experience of the Ukrainian democracy is manifested in still on-going protests of Crimeans against the authorities. These are not pro-Ukrainian protests but they reflect the democratic spirit acquired by Crimean residents during their life in Ukraine, the expert says.

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