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Peter Pomerantsev: Ukraine is center of Europe’s major developments

British media analyst, writer and expert on Russian propaganda Peter Pomerantsev believes Europe’s major tragedy is being played out in Ukraine, Novoye vremya writes, citing an interview with Pomerantsev.

 “The main drama of Europe and the European idea is being enacted now in Ukraine. It gives answers about Europe’s likely future and Europe’s ability to confirm its values to keep its unity. Unfortunately, many Europeans are tired of the general European project and they prefer to move to the sidelines of history, Pomerantsev said.

Such countries as Germany, Italy and France are unwilling to bear the burden of ideas, he said.

 “Germany, Italy and France are old countries with an old population. They are unwilling to fight for anything. They wish to be left alone and continue to quietly sell cars to Russia.

They believe that new countries China and Russia should take up the burden of ideas and assume responsibility. It is a very typical feature of Europeans,” the writer stressed.

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