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Ukrainians not involved in destruction of monument to Poles in Lviv – UPU

In a statement, the Union of the Poles in Ukraine expressed doubt that Ukrainians had a hand in destroying the monument to the Poles killed in 1944 in Huta-Penyatska, Lviv oblast, Radio Svoboda reports Jan. 12.

“We, members of the UPU doubt the involvement of Ukrainians in the dismantlement of the monument to the Poles built by Ukraine.

None of the existing political forces in Ukraine identifies itself with the “SS” symbols daubed on the destroyed monument.

Neither the Ukrainians nor the Poles have the past record of destroying crosses on the monuments.

No one can believe that a Ukrainian or a Pole would dare to perform such an act of vandalism on Christmas,” the UPU statement runs.

The masterminds behind the accident are to be brought to account, the statement continues.

Interestingly, the first reports about the vandalism were published by Russia’s media, not by the Galician or Polish ones.  

Ukrainian and Polish diplomats named the vandalism a deliberate provocation to deteriorate the Polish-Ukrainian relations.

Ukrainian police are investigating the incident.

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