Wednesday, 11 January, 2017, 17:29 Crime
Massive torture of civilians by Donbas separatists

Every second civilian detained by Donbas separatists reported torture, Center for Civil Liberties NGO head Oleksandra Matvijchuk said, speaking on ZIK TV Jan. 11.

The separatists treated detained civilians with extreme cruelty. 16% of former detainees say they witnessed how detained civilians were killed.

44% of ex-detainees said Russian investigators took part or carried out the questioning.

The separatists forced civilians to demine the territory without any prior training.

Two girls told NGO activists that they had been forced to unload corpses.

In Donbas, one can be detained on a slightest pretext – for taking photographs in the street, for being suntanned or walking near military units.

A pregnant woman was held for a week without food and water. The captors beat her with iron sticks, Oleksandra Matvijchuk recounted.


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