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Compromise with Russia out of question for Ukraine – Portnykov

All the talk about the likely compromise with Russia is part of a plan to liquidate Ukraine’s sovereignty. A compromise can be offered either by open Russia’s agents or pipe-dreamers who do not realize Kremlin’s true intentions, Vitali Portnykov, a renowned political expert told Espreso TV Jan. 11.

The debate about a compromise with Russia was started by tycoon Viktor Pinchuk and ex-diplomat Vasyl Filipchuk against the allegations that Donald Trump might also be thinking about it.

Can Ukraine exist as a neutral state [one of Pinchuk’s proposals]? It should be recalled that Ukraine emerged in 1991 as a neutral non-affiliated state. Its neutrality was confirmed by the Yanukovych cabinet in 2005.

Still, this did not stop Russia from launching a war in Donbas and grabbing Crimea.

The Baltic states are NATO members. That is why Putin attacked Ukraine, because Ukraine is not a NATO member. 

Putin doesn’t need Crimea or Donbas. These territories are millstones for the Russian dictator. At the same time, they are the key to conquer Ukraine.

It can be a military conquest with the help of tanks and bombs. Or it can be a political conquest, when Putin implants a government in Kyiv that will dismantle Ukrainian statehood. 

Russia’s fifth column agents are in abundance both in Ukraine and in the West. Such agents must be red-flagged and wasted. I can offer no other recipe for retaining the sovereignty of Ukraine,” Vitali Plotnykov says.

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