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Vandals destroy monument to Poles in Lviv

The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory calls the destruction of the monument to Polish citizens who had died in Huta Penyatska in the Lviv oblast a provocation aimed at worsening the Polish-Ukrainian relations that will benefit a third party [Russia], UINM director Volodymyr Byatrovych wrote Jan. 10 in Facebook.

Huta residents, mainly Polish, were all killed on orders from Nazi command in 1944 due to the alleged presence in the village of Soviet guerillas. 

The monument was unveiled in 2005. It was a symbol of respect on the part of Ukrainians for the Polish population that suffered in WWII. 

 “The crimes of the vandals in Ukraine are similar to those committed in Poland regarding Ukrainian monuments and are also aimed at fanning hatred between Ukrainian and Polish peoples,” Vyatrovych said.

Desecration of monuments in Poland and Ukraine must be investigated by the authorities of both countries. Those guilty of the crimes are to be brought to account, Vyatrovych continued.


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