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No way Putin can write off Ukraine – Piontkovski

In 2017, Putin will try to tempt Trump into establishing a union, proposing an ephemeral agenda to the US president and, as payment for the union, wringing a free hand for himself on the post-Soviet space. However, such plans are doomed to fail, the Russian-based opposition member Andrej Piontkovski says, Politolog reports Jan. 7.

Congress’ first reaction shows that Trump will be forced to heed it. Congress members have clearly indicated that they would address the issue of sanctions if Trump dared to cancel some. Donald Trump may cancel Obama’s decrees, not the laws passed by the Congress, Piontkovski says. 

No way Putin can write off Ukraine. Ukrainians are able to stand up for themselves and repulse Putin’s aggression.

That is why any further Russian aggression will met with resolute opposition by Ukraine. And Ukraine’s major guarantee is the readiness of Ukrainians to defend themselves, not Trump’s changing moods.

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