Friday, 6 January, 2017, 9:56 Politics
Frosty, snowy Christmas in Ukraine

As a powerful cyclone is coming from the Black Sea, Ukraine has already been hit by frosts and heavy snowfalls that are predicted to last for the coming week, Kanal 5 TV reports Jan. 6.

Oblasts Odesa and Mykolayiv in southern Ukraine are expected to get 35 centimeters of snow.

Road conditions, especially in Western Ukraine and Carpathians have worsened since Dec. 5, with the police closing the roads across Carpathian mountain passes and banning trucks from a number of highways.

The temperatures fell to minus 16C in central Ukraine, falling to 24C in the west.

The ministry for emergencies has put up tents where homeless people can get warm and have tea and buns.


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