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Fat cats against Ukraine’s development - Pashaver

Oligarchs jointly with bureaucrats and corrupt politicians have established a monopoly allowing them to get corrupt payments. The major task of anyone belonging to this monopoly is to retain it, Ukraine’s renowned economist and public figure Oleksandr Pashaver told Radio Svoboda in an interview Jan. 5.

 “Our major enemy is corruption which permeated all areas of our social life. We are all entangled in corruption. It is corruption that stops us from becoming rich,” the economist said.

There are specific persons standing in the way of Ukraine and willing to preserve the status quo. We cannot imagine the measure of evil they are doing to Ukraine. 

This process is objective: when Ukrainians voted to switch from socialism to capitalism in 1991, there was no layer of population [small and medium business] that could have guided us towards democracy. 

The major crime of oligarchs lies in creating a monopoly with bureaucrats and corrupt politicians allowing them to get illegal payments.

Oligarchs are not merely the ten richest people in Ukraine. There are hundreds of thousands of oligarchs whose main interest is to freeze the existing corrupt schemes and stop Ukraine’s development,” O. Pashaver said.

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