News » Politics 30 December, 2016, 11:10
Why world swallows all Putin’s tricks – Ukrainian general

The main reason why Pres Putin is allowed to cross the line is Russia’s huge nuclear arsenal. That is why the world actually swallowed the Crimea grab and war in Donbas, Lt.-Gen. Dmytro Umanets said, speaking on Ohlyadach Dec. 30.

 “Putin gauged the world reaction to Crimea grab – he had merely feeble sanctions in response. Then he started the aggression in Donbas – the world swallowed it, too. Then he went farther on in Syria,” the general said. 

The world security system did nothing to rap his knuckles and stop him.

The reason why the West is so timid is simple: fear. Russia has the second largest arsenal of nukes.

At the same time, Gen. Umanets said Russia’s war potential is weakening. It is too difficult for Moscow to match the United States with its superior armed forces.

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