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Versatile reaction of Ukrainian bloggers to TU-154 crash

Social network posters are actively discussing the crash of the Russian plane carrying military to Syria, ranging from joy at the death of the enemies to sympathy for the families of the killed passengers.

 “All those who trumpeted the war against Ukraine are now deep in the Black Sea. They got what they glorified in their songs and commentaries – war and death,” journalists Yury Butusov wrote.

Journalist and blogger from Donbas Denys Kazansky recalled what the Russian servicemen had done when they captured Crimea. “It would be immoral to rejoice at the death of anyone, except when it involves the deaths of one’s torturers.”

Russia will cash in on the accident calling it a terrorist act, Rada lawmaker Vitali Chepynoha writes.

There is another opinion expressed by bloggers, one of them saying it is immoral to rejoice at the deaths of TU-154 passengers even if they are the enemies.

Russia’s media has expressed anger at the lack of sympathy shown in Ukraine.

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