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TU-154 crashed due to terrorist attack – Yevhen Marchuk

Ukraine’s ex-defense minister Yevhen Marchuk believes the Russian TU-154 plane crashed due to a bomb on board, Marchuk wrote in Facebook Dec. 25, Ukrinform reported.

 “If the communication ceased abruptly amd simultaneously with the disappearance of the plane from radar screens, it means the entire crew of 8 pilots died at once.

It also means the blast occurred close to the nose part of the plane, killing the crew, or the plane fell apart due to some other reasons, “Marchuk writes.

If the plane started to break up due to technical reasons, the crew usually has some seconds to report the accident, Marchuk says.

 “It will be easy to find the planes flight recorders as they emit signals for 30 days, even at the depth of 1 km. The sea is 70 m deep in the area of the crash.

It is a matter of guesswork whether the Russians will disclose the whole truth,” Marchuk says.

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