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APC bars access to e-declarations register to NACB

The Agency to Prevent Corruption violates the law when it bars access to electronic income declarations to National Anti-Corruption Bureau detectives, NACB chief Artem Sytnyk said, speaking on ZIK TV Dec. 25.

NACB detectives do not have a direct access. They have to access the register like journalists, attracting the fiscal service and justice ministry records for their investigations. We have our own software and experts who can process the information if we had a direct access, Sytnyk said.

Under the law of Ukraine NACB is to have a direct access to all registers run by state agencies, he said.

APC says NACB detectives are to have court-issued permits to enter their register. “I strongly advise my detectives against doing this as it is against the law,” Sytnyk said.

Recently, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko blocked access to the uniform register of pre-trial investigations to NACB detectives.

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