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Will Obama deliver his final blow to Putin?
Photo: The White House
Photo: The White House

Writing in his blog on Obozrevatel Dec. 16, economist and blogger Yevhen Platon says:

 “Bloomberg laid its hands on insider information that Barak Obama is going to bang the door leaving his office and publicize documents on Putin and his buddies.

Thus, Deputy Finance Minister for terrorism and financial intelligence Adam Shubin says his agency has credible information on the size of Putin’s wealth the Russian president amassed and funneled away from Russia.  

Similarly, Admiral James Stavridis has said US intelligence tracked down the channels via which Russian leaders had moved their money to off-shores and further on.

This information, if made public, will make Russian leaders the embodiment of greed and corruption and will influence Putin’s partners in the West, Donald Trump including.

Following the release of this information Putin will be cold-shouldered in any decent country and Gazprom, Rosneft and other Russian companies will become unwelcome partners on world markets.

Thus, at the end of his presidential tenure, Barak Obama can launch a program to completely wipe out Russia’s standing in the world – in retaliation for Moscow’s hacker attacks and meddling in the US presidential election.

Will Obama dare to deliver such killing blow to Putin and Russia?

The first two shots have already been fired:
1. The deal with Iran allowing its return to world oil markets.
2. The permission by the Congress to sell US strategic oil reserves.” 

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