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“Pro-Russian” Dodon wants to pull lid on TransNistria, banish Russia from Moldova

The recent presidential election in Moldova was won by Ihor Dodon, described by Moscow as ‘pro-Russian.’ The Russian media rejoiced as vehemently about it as it did on the election of Donald Trump. However, new circumstances have come to the surface in Moldova, reports Dec. 5.

Moscow’s blue-eyed boy a month ago, Pres Dodon is now viewed by the Russian media and spin doctors with disappointment.

The first disappointment came when Dodon said he would not turn back Moldova’s European integration course.

Next, Dodon called his allegedly ‘pro-Russian’ stance a cliché imposed on him by his opponents. He stressed he would insist on Moldova’s neutrality which entails demilitarization and the pullout of the Russian troops from TransNistria.

The biggest eye-opener came when the media analyzed Dodon’s earlier statements made in 2013 on settling the territorial conflict in Moldova. It turned out that Dodon had long proposed getting rid of the Russian troops in TransNistria and give the breakaway republic the autonomy status within Moldova.

All this means the Kremlin had put its money on the wrong candidate when it backed up Dodon, the Russian media says.

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