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Stormy contest for State Bureau of Investigation positions

Ukraine is to have its State Bureau of Investigation, a new agency that will take over investigative powers from the Prosecutor General’s Office. The on-going contest for SBI top positions is assessed with mixed feelings by a number of legal experts. Many describe the contest as a put-up event, ZIK says in its program Nov. 24.

According to the reformist lawmaker Serhy Leshchenko, SBI will become a major investigation authority in the country.

So far, 82 candidates have applied for the top investigator’s job. Currently, they are being tested by expert commissions and the polygraph.

Candidates are to be over 35, have a university law education, and impeccable service record. Given this, many are surprised that chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios is considered as a hot favorite. 

Matios scored low in a professional test, making 200 minor and major mistakes.

He protested, claiming the tests’ quality was bad. This made the selection commission scrap the initial results, and, to be on the safe side, order the preparation of new tests, puttin off testing for one month.

However, selection commission head Roman Majdannyk dismissed the complaint by A. Matios.

A. Matios is used as a pawn to discredit and stall the formation of SBI, one of the candidates for SBI head Vitali Tytych says. 

“PGO is eager to preserve it investigation powers. That in why Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko’s deputy Matios is trying to delay the SBI formation,” says head of the Reanimation Package anti-corruption NGO Oleksandr Lemenov.

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