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Journalist tells about Putin’s nightmare

During Pres Obama’s good-bye meeting with major EU leaders it was agreed to go on with economic sanctions against Russia until Moscow complies with the Minsk accords.

It follows that Putin’s cherished dream of the West lifting its sanctions is just a dream. Russian companies badly need credits to cover their debts since in 2017 many state-run Russian companies will go bankrupt. 

The bankruptcy will happen against the background of waning Russia’s state reserves, making it a hard time for Putin.

Now Putin will have to convince Donald Trump that Russia is the best ally to fight ISIS.

Will Putin be able to pull it through? Sanctions remain an important part of the European solidarity. It is unlikely that the new US administration will sacrifice this solidarity for the sake of Putin, the journalist says. 

The Russian president had already tried to cheat Barak Obama and prove that he is the best ally to fight Islamic terrorism. It all ended up in Russia bombing Aleppo residents, not ISIS positions, as Putin is interested only in propping up Bashar Assad, not in destroying ISIS.

Still, Putin will again try to sell the idea to Donal Trump, Vitali Portnikov says. 

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