News » Crime 17 November, 2016, 12:37
SBU detains Lviv city official for receiving kickbacks from business

One of high-ranking Lviv council officials, Yury Holts, was captured red-handed by SBU agents when he was receiving a UAH80,000 ($3,200) bribe for assisting a commercial company to get a construction contract, SBU reports Nov. 17.

Lviv Mayor  Andry Sadovy said the situation is to be taken philosophically: ‘if the official is guilty, he must be punished, if not, SBU must apologize.’

Holts demanded a 5-8% cut on all the contracts signed with the company, SBU says.

SBU agents seized the official in the act of receiving a kickback in the downtown.

Currently, SBU is conducting searches in the city council offices.

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