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Ukrainians stand to gain while corrupt Ukrainian leaders stand to lose from Trump’s victory - Nalyvajchenko

Writing in Facebook Nov. 14, Valentyn Nalyvajchenko, the SBU ex-head and now opposition politician, congratulated Donald Trum on his election to the highest office, stressing that Ukrainians stand to gain and their corrupt leaders to lose from this.

 “I deeply respect the American democracy, with its honest and transparent elections. I know that Ukraine won’t be left alone in the face of the Russian aggression and rampant corruption, its major domestic enemy.” 

The new US administration will back the Ukrainian people, not the corrupt power.

The system of checks and balances won’t make it possible to change the present US foreign policy of supporting Ukraine and countering the Russian aggression.

The relations with the United States can be spoiled only by the lies and corruption of Ukrainian politicians,” Nalyvajchenko wrote.  

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