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Trump, Putin: no hugging and kissing to happen. Hot conflict likely – Portnikov

Many Ukrainians and Europeans keep scaring themselves with the probability of Trump surrendering to Putin Ukraine, Syria, and Europe. Interestingly, what will he get in exchange?, Vitali Portnikov, the leading political scholar says in Nov. 12.

 “Let’s remember that it is Russia that is waging the war against America in Ukraine, not vice versa. Russia is bursting to prove to America that it is a superpower with its backyard (Ukraine) no one is allowed to enter.

The thuggish Putin’s regime has no other means to prove its effectiveness but to demonstrate its grandeur. Because the economy is on the rocks, the government is corrupt, the populace is getting poor, the oil is getting cheap (and now, thanks to Trump) is sinking more. The only ace up Russia’s sleeve is the demonstration of grandeur.

 “How can a corrupt and poor country (Upper Volta with nukes) pull its weight on America? Yes, by humiliating America, by proving that the United States can do little while Russia can do everything. By showing that Russia can grab Crimea, annex Donbas, bomb Aleppo – and get away with it,” Portnikov says.

“But the only thing Trump cannot allow Putin to do is being humiliated.

That is why there won’t be any kissing and hugging when Putin meets Trump. Meanwhile, there is a serious probability of a hot conflict between Russia and USA , the expert says.

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