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Saakashvili turns down proposal to head Poroshenko’s party – Leshchenko

The renowned reformist Mikheil Saakashvili has turned down Pres Poroshenko’s proposal to head his party, BPP, Rada lawmaker Serhy Leshchenko writes in Facebook Nov. 7.

 “Saakashvili’s resignation is a logical end for first-wave reformers. They were squeezed out for refusing to be a party to a corrupt consensus. You may like or hate Saakashvili, but he had made Georgia the country many are proud of.

Why did Saakashvili have his wings cut in Ukraine? Because he turned down Poroshenko’s proposal to head his party. Poroshenko didn’t want Saakashvili to become Ukraine’s major reformist,” Leshchenko writes.

Among other things, Leshchenko decried the current attacks on another Georgian, Gizo Uglava, first deputy head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

His opponents even tried to strip him of his Ukrainian citizenship. Uglava is a reliable deputy of NACB director Artem Sytnyk, Leshchenko writes. 

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