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Justice ministry: 98% of officials subject to lustration dismissed

Justice ministry lustration department head Tetyana Kozachenko says 98% of officials who occupied top-level offices during the Yanukovych regime have been dismissed, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Oct. 26.

State fiscal service is the biggest opponent to lustration (purging), she told journalists in Kyiv.

As the SFS is the most corrupt agency, it has the largest number of purged tax and customs officials – 258. Meanwhile, 42 top black-listed officials are still holding their offices, she said.

 “I would like to stress that SFS has actually ignored the property checks of its officials, with merely 111 of its staff dismissed for the failure to explain the source of their wealth. However, none of them are among the top Yanukovych officials linked to high-profile corruption deals,” she noted.  

Ukraine judiciary avoided lustration, with only one Supreme Economic Court judge, Viktor Tatkov, having been brought to account, she said.
The Constitutional Court, Kozachenko complained, has not been able in 1.5 years to confirm the legality of the lustration law, Interfax-Ukrayina reports. 

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