News » Politics 17 October, 2016, 12:24
Russia’s henchman in Donbas dies in elevator blast

The murder on Oct. 16 of a prominent Russian mercenary in Donbas, Arseny Pavlov, aka Motorola, is bad news for thousands of Russian regulars who came to Donbas (also as fake volunteers) responding to Pres Putin’s calls to defend the Russian-speakers there, Tsenzor.Net editor Yury Butusov writes in Facebook Oct. 17.

Arriving in Donbas as the Russian invasion started, Motorola made a brilliant career, becoming the Hero of Donbas, marrying a young wife, getting a posh flat and lining up his pockets with money. Now, the beacon of many Russian mercenaries dies a miserable death in a bomb explosion in the elevator, Butusov says.

Motorola praised himself for being a ruthless fighter, admitting he had personally killed 19 Ukrainian army POWs.

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