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Piontkovsky: Nuclear war already under way

The possession by Russia of nuclear weapons already influences the course of military actions in Ukraine and Syria, reducing the West’s freedom of manoeuver, says Russian historian and journalist Andrei Piontkovsky, Gordon reports Oct. 17.

“Putin’s tactics is aimed at frightening the West – “you watch me, I’m a looney.” This describes the philosophy of Putin’s political play. He is not playing chess with the West, he is playing a desperate card game favored by criminals in jail, where it is important to scare your opponent,” Piontkovsky says.

Putin is brandishing the nuclear club all the time. Trying to influence the West’s decisions on giving Ukraine lethal weapons or the introduction of the no-fly zone in Syria, the journalist says. 

The nuclear war scare is used by Putin to the full. Take, for instance, the declarations by Russia’s officials about the size of food rations in case of the nuclear war or civil defense exercise involving the entire country’s population, Andrei Piontkovsky says.

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