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75% of Ukraine media owned by fat cats, survey says

The Monitoring Media Ownership project run jointly by the Institute of Mass Communication and Reporters Without Borders lists the owners of Ukraine media outlets, Ukrinform reports Oct. 11.

The project’s website presented today in Kyiv, shows the owners of the media and their biographies.

 “Ukraine media are guided by the interests of their owners. The lack of financial transparency and corruption worsen the media environment. Such are the results of a media market survey,” says the project head Olaf Steinfadt.

In some cases the media are dominated and take orders from anonymous owners based in the off-shore zones.

The media market is dominated by 4 oligarchs who own a 76.25% share in this business.

According to European standards, the media should be free and not affiliated to a small group of tycoons, says IMI executive director Oksana Romaniuk.

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